Introducing Green Grow Organics

The first in South Central Texas to bring you healthy, green, lush landscapes through the application of exceptinally rich and completely natural compost tea.

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For South Central Texas landscapes depleted by drought and degraded by chemicals. While the professional application of compost tea is new to the Hill Country, the benefits of it have long been recognized by gardeners, horticulturists and turf managers.

Why Green Grow Organics

Green Grow Organics Promotes plan growth and blooming, fights disease and enriches soil. Green Grow Organics’ fresh-aerated activated compost tea is a proprietary blend that restores healthy biology to the soil.

Natural Nutrients Program

A scientific system that works year-round through our Natural Nutrients Program. Customized and comprehensive, we begin with our Soil2Sky program, then follow up with scheduled applications of our Natural Nutrients Program.

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