About Us

Green Grow Organics

Brought to you by Bulverde-based Metroscapes Landscaping (est. 1991), Green Grow Organics provides customized lawn, garden, shrub, and tree feeding programs and plant disease control services through the application of our perfect blend of fully organic compost tea. The company’s leaders are:


Sam D. Sitterle is President of Metroscapes Landscaping, the parent company of Green Grow Organics. A 1987 graduate of the University of Texas with degrees in industrial engineering and marketing, Sam gave up a successful career in sales in 1991 in favor of a back-of-the-truck job in landscaping. Within a year, he was not only running his own crew but all others for the company. In 1991, Sam created Metroscapes Landscaping and, in 2012, he co-founded Green Grow Organics after recognizing the need for a truly organic solution in landscape feeding and inoculation for South Central Texas.

P. Welmaker

Polly Welmaker is a co-founder and Director of Operations for Green Grow Organics. The daughter of two successful entrepreneurs, Polly has owned her own businesses since 2002. Her interest in gardening and her college education in three-dimensional design led to the development of “Polly Potter” – a company that enhances outdoor living spaces with potted plants, either temporarily for parties and special events or for year-round beautification. In addition to creating small businesses, Polly’s talents lie in organizing and scheduling, which promise to benefit the clients of Green Grow Organics.