For South Central Texas landscapes depleted by drought and degraded by chemicals.

While the professional application of compost tea is new to the Hill Country, the benefits of it have long been recognized by gardeners, horticulturists and turf managers. Created by steeping compost in oxygen-rich water, this living elixir is an exceptionally concentrated, well balanced and completely organic plant food. As beneficial as compost tea is, Green Grow Organics’ proprietary blend of activated, aerated compost tea is even better. Derived from carefully selected composts using a vortex brewer that aerates like no other, Green Grow Organics’ compost tea is fresh brewed daily to maximize nutrients. Green Grow Organics’ begins with a free diagnosis of your home or commercial landscape for plant vitality and disease. That’s followed by a roots-to-treetops application of the compost tea with our Soil2Sky Program, and complemented by our year-round Natural Nutrients Program.  


As the name implies, Soil2Sky includes deep-root saturation with compost tea for all trees and plants, plus a foliar (leaf) feeding of all trees up to 30 feet. It also features a foliar and deep-root saturation and inoculation of all plants (including potted), as well as a foliar feeding and inoculation of all grasses. We recommend a Soil2Sky application once every year or two, depending on your landscape’s needs. The result? Greener, healthier, more lush landscapes … with none of the negative effects of chemical fertilizers, fungicides or pesticides.